Pavement distresses detection
Unique methodology based on artificial intelligence capable to detect distresses and patterns on pictures


Models and performance prediction for road pavements with artificial intelligence

  • IRI (International Roughness Index)

  • Cracked area

  • Rutting

  • Deflections

  • Macrotexture

  • and more...

Modeling and prediction with neural networks and genetic algorithms



Carbon emissions
assessment and calculation for highway construction and maintenance activities, and traffic of vehicles

Climate change adaptation

Pavement management optimized by Artificial Intelligence

State of the art pavement design with traditional and mechanistic methodologies, and finite element modeling


Traffic analysis and optimization with artificial intelligence

Space Navigation
Optimization of the amount and direction of each rocket thrust to reach the destination using the least amount of fuel and considering the gravitational effect


Transportation and shipping


Minimize the costs of shipping goods from production plants to warehouses while not exceeding  the supply available from each plant and meeting the demand from  each metropolitan area

Route planning
The shortest route to visit a large number of locations while making sure some locations are visited before others, among additional requirements

Decision support

with Artificial Intelligence

Stock market and

Artificial intelligence based
modeling that works!
buy or sell
recommendation and
optimized trailing stop

Big Data Analysis
with Artificial Intelligence


Data mining, knowledge discovering, models, optimizations and more