Stock market, commodities and more

Artificial intelligence based modeling that works!

•  Identification of the optimum buying or selling points

•  Models optimized to generate few operations per year

•  Optimized trailing stops to keep good risk control and reducing
unwanted stops

•  Suitable for any kind of asset with prices available in Metastock file

•  Resilient models with a typical life span between six and twelve
For three different investor profiles:

Buy with protective trailing
Suitable for active buy-only investors
that want to take advantage of the
prices movements to reduce the
investment acquisition average price
and improve the profits, instead to
follow a buy-and-hold strategy,
protecting the position with optimized
trailing stop

Buy and short sell without
For advanced investors

Buy and short sell with
protective trailing stops
For dynamic investors seeking to
profit in any market condition while
keeping a good risk control with
optimized trailing stops in both
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